Penn Central Boxcar

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This model 857B boxcar was built in 1956 by the New York Central Railroad (NYC) to haul automobiles. It was painted and  reconditioned in 1975 by the Penn Central Transportation Company (PC).


Industrial Heritage 

In 1978, this boxcar was purchased by the Domestic Pump Company and moved to a siding near Queen Street where it was used for storage. Following the company’s bankruptcy and the demolition of much of the site, the boxcar was saved from destruction by Randy Anderson and Greg Dahbura of Hub Scrap Metals, Inc., who recognized its historical significance. The car was donated by the Cumberland Area  Economic Development Corporation and moved to its present site by Dave's Truck Repair in 2017.                

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A Story Written In Metal

  1. Brake system The angle cock and air hoses are part of the brake system. Notice the embedded piece of wood – a reminder of the years this car spent abandoned and overgrown.
  2. Hand brake Lowered in December 1975 to allow access from the ground.
  3. Upper portion of ladders Removed during reconditioning in 1975. 
  4. Coupler The couplers on either end remained unpainted to make sure any potential cracks in the metal  could be easily detected.
  5. Doors The 857B series featured offset double doors on either side and a reinforced deck along with a  pulley system that allowed vehicles to be stored in a near vertical position. 
  6. Original number The boxcar’s original NYC number can still be seen on the frame underneath the doors. 
  7. Information panels This car was built in East Rochester’s Despatch Shops, reconditioned in the Samuel Rea Shops in Hollidaysburg and had its last inspection in 1977.
  8. Carrying capacity and weight The letters and numbers detail carrying capacity, maximum weight  when loaded and unloaded weight.
  9. Boxcar dimensions The car’s interior and exterior dimensions.
  10. Air reservoir Part of the air brake system. 
  11. New defect card holder Added in December 1975; the original version is located nearby. 
  12. Trucks Replaced in December 1975 (notice they are stamped 10-75); the bearings were repacked, and  the air breaks cleaned, oiled, tested, and stenciled (COTS).

This exhibit funded by a grant from the Carl and Nellie Naugle Foundation.         

Penn Central Boxcar