Commerce and Rail in the Cumberland Valley

This digital exhibit explores the commercial impact of railroad transportation on the Cumberland Valley in South Central Pennsylvania. 

It presents the story of how trains facilitated growth in the region by connecting goods and people to places nationwide and how advancements in technology brought about the decline of the local rail industry. The focus of the exhibit is on the conveyance of iron, grain, livestock, and passengers during the tenures of the Cumberland Valley Railroad (1837- 1919), the Pennsylvania Railroad (1920-1968), and the railroads that followed (1968-present). 


Dr. Allen Dieterich-Ward's HIS 593 Heritage Tourism class - Fall 2018 (Shippensburg University History Department)

Exhibit Editor
Courtney Smith

Exhibit Section Authors
Iron Mountains, Iron Rails: James Hughes, Taylor Little, Felicia Martin
Cash Crops: Damon Smith, Martavis Washington, Beau Zack
Livestock: Anthony James, Hunter Mengel, Anthony Patikowski
All Aboard: Taylor Mason, Sam Morris, Austin Wisser